Our Partners

Clean & Safe – Business Improvement District (BID):
PPI provides armed and unarmed security services in the form of foot, bicycle patrols and T-3 or three-wheeled Segway patrols to a variety of clients in Downtown Portland. Our officers patrol within the 213 square blocks of the Downtown Business Improvement District.

PPI officers are trained not only to observe and report, but to use the S.A.R.A. (Survey, Analyze, Response, Assess) problem solving model in addressing business and citizen complaints, provide information, assistance and or referrals, and work to solve minor crime or nuisance problems in the BID. These problems include: aggressive behavior, assaults, citizen assists, police requests for assistance, bicycle violations, business assists, cleaning referrals, disorderly conduct, drinking in public, drug activity, fighting, found property, gang activity, graffiti, intoxicated persons, medical problems, persons with mental health problems, aggressive panhandling, sidewalk obstructions, skateboarding, suspicious persons, trespassing, unwanted persons, and vandalism.

The average PPI response time to a call is 4-5 minutes, far under the police response time for similar types of lower priority calls for service. In this capacity, PPI is pleased to be able to assist the Portland Police in dealing with chronic crime and safety issues in Downtown Portland.

PPB officers frequently make arrests, write citations for criminal and ordinance violations, or take other actions based on direct referrals from PPI officers. As a result, our PPB officers regularly average 50-100 arrests per month!

* BID Map

Portland Mall Management Inc:
The mission of PPI is to provide security throughout the Transit Mall and Light Rail Train Loop (1st, 5th and 6th Avenues and SW Morrison and Yamhill Streets) that ensures all who travel feel safe and welcome.

PPI officers are attired in uniforms that are professional looking and readily identifiable. Portland Mall customers frequently ask PPI officers for assistance, directions, information about geographical sites and transit schedules. Officers, using foot, bike and Segway patrols, also respond to complaints involving in graffiti, public drinking incidents, offensive littering, aggressive panhandling and drug dealing.


Smart Park and Portland Street Car Facilities:
PPI contracts with the City of Portland to provide security in the City’s six SmartPark garages. Using both foot and bike patrols, officers patrol each of the garages to aid parking customers, exclude unwanted persons who do not have a vehicle in the garage, prevent car prowls and other nuisance problems i.e., graffiti, illegal drugs and alcohol and Trespassing. These garages are located at: (1) SW 3rd and Alder, (2) SW 4th and Yamhill, (3) SW 10th and Yamhill, (4) SW 1st and Jefferson, (5) O’Bryant Square, and (6) NW Naito and Davis.


PPI also provides grounds security at the Portland Street Car Facilities at 14th and NW Lovejoy during the night closing and early morning hours when employees are getting to work.

*Smart Park Garage
*Garage Elevator Layout


PPI provides armed Security Services for the city of Hillsboro at their Civic Center. Duties include daily foot patrols of the facility, municipal court, and surrounding grounds. Including the evening meetings hosted or conducted by the city, open to the public, to include city council and planning commissions. From time to time, during the summer special events i.e., Tuesday Market or Facilities heavy equipment, are also serviced by the contract. PPI works closely with local law enforcement and has direct radio communication with the Washington County multi-agency dispatch center.

Portland Public Schools:
PPI provides armed and unarmed uniformed security officers as needed by the School District. Assignments which vary include: meetings, athletic activities, and school dances.


Post Contracts:
PPI contracts with numerous business in downtown Portland to provide posted officers inside to provide concierge service, access control, information and directions, and customer service activities. Businesses include Airbnb, Central City Concern, Block 300 and Veterans Affairs Community Resource and Referral Center.