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Portland Patrol Inc. (PPI) is a private security company providing armed and unarmed security for both public and private organizations in Oregon.  Working closely with the Portland Police Bureau, PPI employees help to ensure the safety and security of individuals, businesses, and property in the downtown area.

Some of PPI clients include: The Portland Business Alliance, City of Portland Parks, Smart Park Parking Garages, Portland Public Schools, Portland Mall Management and the City of Hillsboro.

PPI serves as the “Safe” side of the Portland Business Alliance’s Downtown Clean & Safe Program that provides security and cleaning for Portland’s Business Improvement District (BID). PPI is committed to ensuring that all visitors to the BID have a safe and positive experience in our wonderful city.

PPI is nationally recognized for our unique partnership with the Portland Police Bureau, the Portland Business Alliance, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office and the social service community. The primary goal of this partnership to is provide a safe and friendly environment within the Business Improvement District (BID). PPI has the honor of being the only private security agency in the country to have four full-time police officers housed out of a private security office, working hand-in-hand with our staff to improve community and business livability along with chronic nuisance issues.

PPI provides bicycle security patrols to six of Portland’s downtown Smart Park parking garages, as well as foot and bicycle patrols for ten of the major downtown Portland City Parks including the East Bank Esplanade. PPI also provides security services to the Portland Public Schools Interscholastic League Sports Program and at other School District activities.

PPI, as part of the Clean and Safe program has been honored to host officials from other cities to demonstrate the unique and effective community based model we have helped create. Our ultimate goal is that all residents and visitors to downtown Portland, along with the other areas that we work, always feel safe and secure.

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PPI History:

In 1997, Portland Patrol Incorporated (PPI) opened its doors providing both armed and unarmed security services to both public agencies and private businesses in the core of downtown known as the Business Improvement District (BID).

From inception, PPI was established using a unique business model emphasizing cooperation between the community, business leaders, and the Portland Police Bureau, in order to address issues affecting all of downtown and the Old Town/Chinatown area of Portland. Founded by a retired Portland Police Bureau Commander, PPI utilized the relationships developed during his 25-year police career. The result created an exceptional level of cooperation recognized nationally for its effective and innovative approach. In 1998, this partnership became official with the signing of a log-term contract assigning originally two and now four police officers to work directly with PPI. Even today, this program remains one of a kind, the only one in the country where private security and police work together under the same roof. PPI's experience and familiarity with Portland's residents and business communities is not matched by any other private security company in the area.

The management team, leading Portland Patrol, Inc. represents over 200 years of policing experience from the Portland Police Bureau and other departments across the United States. Many of the employees, both past and present, are retired police officers who use the skills learned during their policing careers to elevate the level of professionalism beyond that which other security companies are able to provide. The expectation of excellence is emphasized throughout the company by requiring that all employees receive an annual forty hour in-service training along with continued and on-going training, much which is provided by our business and community partners. PPI also requires that all armed security officers have a minimum of three years prior police experience.

Since 1998, PPI has qualified as a MBE/WBE, and has focused on building relationships with public service providers, the business community, police, and the public. Even as the company continues to grow, relationship building remains essential to the core values of the organization. The company's performance standards remain higher than ever, and those relationships that helped build this company into the Northwest's premier private security provider remain an integral part of how we operate.

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Our Employees:

All Portland Patrol Inc. security employees are certified by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards Training. Approximately half of our staff is certified by the state to provide armed security services. We require a minimum of three years police experience is required for our armed security officers, but currently average approximately twenty-years per officer. The experience and training of our employees is the driving force behind our ability to provide the highest level of professionalism, the fastest response times, and most innovative approach in the security services industry.

Several of our security specialists still work the same areas they patrolled as police officers, offering them an unparalleled level of knowledge regarding both the area and its residents.  On a daily basis, PPI employees make contact with business owners, residents, and social service providers, building relationships to address neighborhood problems in a cooperative fashion.  Our security specialists work closely with police officers to develop long term strategies addressing ongoing problems and to improve the quality of life for all the residents in the greater Portland area.

We take great pride in our employees and the great work they do each and every day to make Portland such a phenomenal place to live.

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"PPI delivers consistent service, coordinates seamlessly with the Portland Police Bureau and is responsive to service needs"

Mark Warrington, Portland Parks & Recreation

“PPI has been a valuable resource for our community.  They have helped to address the conditions that impact public safety issues such as crime and disorder”.

Dorian Yee, Old Town/China Town Business Association

"PPI is an important partner in keeping downtown Portland safe."

Norm Sharp, Portland Business Alliance

“I have witnessed Portland Patrol officers deescalate difficult and dangerous situations, making the streets safer for our staff, our volunteers and for those seeking our services. We appreciate having PPI in our community.”

Doreen Binder, Executive Director, Transition Projects Inc.

"PPI is a truly unique organization able to seamlessly coordinate with both social service agencies as well as law enforcement to create productive partnerships."

Michael Boyer, Office of Neighborhood Involvement, City of Portland

"We have appreciated the efficient and effective service from PPI.  Their proactive problem solving approach has made a dramatic difference to people visiting and working in our Central Business District buildings."

Michelle Martin, Ashforth Pacific

"We have always appreciated the professionalism and expertise that Portland Patrol's officers provide when working with our students and staff at Portland Interscholastic League activities." 

Greg Ross--District Athletic Director, Portland Public Schools

"The Clean & Safe program, staffed by Portland Patrol Inc., provides Central Drug and other local businesses with a base of safety and security in the downtown core, with a built-in network of resources and support.  In the absence of this valuable program, differentiated in the market by its experienced and skilled crew, it would be necessary for the staff at Central Drug to not only focus efforts on the service our company provides, but also to place an emphasis and effort on maintaining safety in our immediate area, an investment of resources where the opportunity cost are potential lost revenues.  The team at Portland Patrol Inc. invests this much needed time and expertise on behalf of businesses operating downtown so downtown firms can focus on generating business not merely on securing safety. "         

Shelley J. Bailey, Central Drug


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