Our Employees

All Portland Patrol Inc. security officers are certified by the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards Training. Certification includes a 14 hours unarmed security course and for armed officers and additional 24 hours armed course. Officer certifications are renewed every two years. PPI staff is divided evenly between armed and unarmed officers. All armed officers must have at least three years prior policing experience. The experience and training of our employees is the driving force behind our ability to provide the highest level of professionalism, the fastest response times, and a problem-solving approach to public safety problems.

We train our employees so that they can be successful. In addition to approximately 240 hours of on-the-job new hire training, officers are provided up to forty hours of in-service training annually including daily roll call training that emphasizes topics that include nuisance and disorder violations, Trespass, drug and alcohol problems, noise, panhandling, homeless issues and policies, legal updates, dealing with aggressive or difficult people, youth programs and services, Crisis Response and police updates.

Many of our young, unarmed officers are interested in a law enforcement career and may find no better opportunity than working at PPI and learning from current and past police officers, being exposed to daily lessons in problem solving and learning to build community partnerships.

We take great pride in our employees and the great work they do each day to make Portland such a phenomenal place to live.

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