Founded by a retired Portland Police Bureau (PPB) Commander, Portland Patrol Inc. (PPI), which is locally owned, opened its doors in 1997 and was built upon the relationships developed during his 25-year police career. The result created an exceptional level of cooperation between PPI and PPB which was recognized nationally for its effective and innovative approach to public safety in an urban area. In 1998, this partnership became official with the signing of a long-term contract which assigned in the beginning two police officers to work directly with PPI. Due to the enormous success of the program, that number has grown to six PPB officers. Even today, this program remains one of a kind, the only one in the country where private security and police work together under the same roof. PPI’s familiarity and experience in working with Portland’s residents and business communities is not matched by any other private security company in our area.

In addition to our Portland Police Bureau partners, this program also includes the City of Portland, the Portland Business Alliance, the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office Neighborhood DA, and the social service community in downtown Portland. The primary goal of this partnership is to provide a safe and friendly environment within the BID’s Clean & Safe district as well as other public and private areas in Portland. PPI is honored to be the only security company in the nation to have full time police officers embedded contractually within the PPI organization and, as part of the PPI team, attend PPI roll calls, share information, provide training, work collaboratively on public safety problems and even share PPI locker room space. The PPB police officers respond to requests for assistance from PPI officers who are out on patrol to help address order maintenance problems, nuisance and livability issues, and chronic offenders on the streets of Portland, in private downtown businesses, in city-owned parking garages and in public areas within the city’s BID and Transit Mall. As a result, PPI’s assigned police officers continuously generate the highest numbers of enforcement and problem-solving activities in all of PPB Central Precinct.

PPI public safety teams are comprised of armed and unarmed security officers patrolling on foot, bicycles, and the use of the T-3 or Segway three-wheeled vehicle. PPI operates three shifts daily during the day, evening and night shift hours. Security services run seven days a week and up to 24 hrs a day as needed. It is PPI policy that our armed officers are all retired or former police officers. In fact, many of our armed staff average more than 20 year’s law enforcement experience. We rely on our armed officers to bring to the job a calm and measured approach in resolving problems and interacting with citizens. They bring valuable and tested skills in employing techniques to de-escalate, persuade, use discretion, communicate and encourage compliance when resolving problems. PPI also utilizes the skills and experience of our armed officers as field training officers for newly hired unarmed officers.

The management team, leading Portland Patrol, Inc. represents many years of policing and business experience from the Portland Police Bureau and Portland’s business community. Through their years of experience, PPI can provide a level of professionalism beyond which other security companies are able. The expectation of excellence is a hallmark of our company’s mission and is emphasized throughout our daily tasks.