Customer Satisfaction

“Portland Patrol, Inc. and its professional team of officers help to make our downtown environment safer for all who work, live and visit. The officers are compassionate, friendly and caring individuals who take pride in their work and outreach to the community. Downtown Portland is a better place because of the great service PPI provides.”

Mark Schlesinger, Partner/Senior Property Manager
Schlesinger Companies


“We have really appreciated the flexibility and deep commitment from the PPI team. They are well trained, responsive and eager to assist. We have a unique lobby environment at the Old Town Recovery Center that requires nuanced responses. The PPI team is a joy to work with and a real asset to our community.”

Kathleen Roy, Director of Mental Health Services
Central City Concern


“The personnel provided by PPI have performed their duties, as well as handled various critical situations with the utmost expertise and professionalism.”

Toni Plunkett, Program Contract Manager
City of Hillsboro


Street Roots has partnered with the Portland Patrol Inc. to distribute the Rose City Resource Guide to area businesses and individuals experiencing poverty in our community. They’ve been an excellent partner. PPI has also worked with Street Roots to support our team when working with people with violent tendencies and extreme mental health situations. They’ve help to build relationships with our vendors and local businesses in a way that is healthy and productive.”

Israel Bayer, Executive Director
Street Roots


“We at Margulis Jewelers would like to take this opportunity to give our full endorsement to the exceptional services of the Portland Patrol. Of the handful of times this past year that we have been required to call for the assistance of the Patrol, the operators have always been professional and courteous, conveying our messages to the Patrol officers in a timely manner. Likewise the Patrol officers have always been prompt, helpful and professional in responding to our situations in a calm and collected demeanor. This has contributed to making our place of business both safe and welcoming to our visitors and clients. We would like to repeat that we give the Portland Patrol our highest endorsement, and hope to see them continuing as the contractor for Downtown Clean and Safe.”

David Margulis, and the staff of
Margulis Jewelers


“The Clean & Safe program, staffed by Portland Patrol Inc., provides Central Drug and other local businesses with a base of safety and security in the downtown core, with a built-in network of resources and support. In the absence of this valuable program, differentiated in the market by its experienced and skilled crew, it would be necessary for the staff at Central Drug to not only focus efforts on the service our company provides, but also to place an emphasis and effort on maintaining safety in our immediate area, an investment of resources where the opportunity cost are potential lost revenues. The team at Portland Patrol Inc., invests this much needed time and expertise on behalf of businesses operating downtown so downtown firms can focus on generating business not merely on securing safety.”

Shelley J. Bailey
Central Drug


“We have been long term partners with Portland Patrol to provide security at a large clinical site. Portland Patrol has been dependable and responsive to our needs. We have been able to adjust the coverage to meet our needs, engage with supervisors and make changes to rounding procedures, as well as engage with officers both on site as well as in Portland Patrol staff meetings. We plan to continue to work with PPI long term.”

Billie Kay Stafford, Clinic Operations Manager
Old Town Clinic


“Portland Patrol Inc. has provided the security services for the Clean and Safe District for years. They have a staff that is well-trained, professional and responsive. They also have a culture of problem-solving and partnership which is critical to an effective response to complex problems in the downtown core. I have been consistently impressed with their quality of service.”

Lynnae Berg, E.D. of Clean and Safe
V.P. of Downtown Services
Portland Business Alliance


“The Board of Directors of the Downtown Neighborhood Association would like to offer this letter in support of Portland Patrol, Inc., and to thank them for their work with the Downtown Neighborhood Association. Portland Patrol, Inc., PPI is an outstanding community partner and they provide valuable security and public safety services for our neighborhood. Their staff is quick, responsive, courteous, and effective. We look forward to continuing to work with Portland Patrol, Inc., in the future.”

Felicia Williams, President
Downtown Neighborhood Association


“We are writing to tell you how much we appreciate everything that Portland Patrol does for our credit union and our entire community. The Officers are well known, well-trained and very approachable. Whenever we have a need to call, we are always treated with prompt and professional service. Your Officers always make our staff fell safe and they continually go out of their way to explain any follow-up needed. Thanks for all that you do!!”

Jim McCarthy Gail James
President/CEO, Trailhead Credit Union Exec Vice-Pres.


“The Blanchet House and Portland Clean & Safe have a great working relationship in keeping our community clean and safe. Whenever we have a problem we always call Clean & Safe first to help us, their response is always prompt. The officers always are respectful and professional. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 503.226.3911. Thank you.”

Dennis Arnold, Food Services & Building Manager
Blanchet House